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About us

We at Shilpi architects always believe that design excellence create meaningful connection between people and places. and design should balance aesthetic grace and ocular magnanimity when it comes to creating stunning spaces.

Our Team.

Karthik Islavath
Principal Architect

Karthik is the founder and executive chairman of Shilpi Architects, a studio for architecture, design, rooted in sustainability. He also chairs the practice’s Design Board which provides strategic design direction to all projects. He was born in india, and after graduating in Architecture Jagannath  University in 2018.


Tel: 9928985315

Ar.Anwesh pyarasani



Inspired by an interest in technology and how things work, along with the art of craftmanship, anwesh ’s architectural education has been influenced by the engineering of the Hi-Tech movement and a love of 3D design. Since joining shilpi studio in 2018 he has been involved in several major projects that range in scale from the concept to building design completion

Ar.Schin rawat



Sachin has worked on a diverse range of projects during his 22 years at green bricks,jaipur. Graduating from the Jaggannath University, Sachin’s interest in technology, sustainable materials and innovative building techniques, is evident in his global experience. 

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